Double B Equine Rescue
Monday-Saturday 9AM-6PM
Sundays by appointment only
Up For Adoption
  1. Harley
    Harley is an 11 year old Standardbred/ Arabian Mare. She needs training and is very willing to learn.
  2. Molly and Sprout
    Molly and Sprout
    These are two of our minis that are very connected and would like them to go together. They have great personalities.
  3. Strawberry
    Strawberry is a red roan mare that has been ridden but needs experienced rider.
  4. Gracie
    Gracie is a thoroughbred mare in her late teens. Light riding only, very well mannered.
  5. Tak and Ky
    Tak and Ky
    Tak is a 9 year old purebred registered bay Arabian mare, very limited handling, needs training. Ky is a 16 year old Arabian/ Standardbred chestnut mare. Also very limited handling, needs training.